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Monica Crowley

Monica Crowley — Fast Wiki Facts
Famous asAuthor
BirthdaySeptember 19, 1968
Age55 years old
Zodiac SignVirgo
Heightapprox. 5 ft 2 in (158 cm)
Net Worth$4 Million

Who is Monica Crowley

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Monica was born September 19, 1968 in Fort Huachuca, Arizona. She earned bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Colgate University and also Ph.D. in International Relations at prestigious Columbia University. Crowley started to work for president Nixon at very young age. She even collaborated as an adviser and consultant on his last two books. Monica joined Fox News in 1996. She’s married to Alan Colmes who also works for Fox News. In 2012, Crowley published book What the (Bleep) Just Happened?

Born in Arizona and raised in New Jersey, she later lived and worked in New York City.

She is the sister-in-law of fellow Fox News personality Alan Colmes.

Inspirational Quotes by Monica Crowley

"It took a catastrophe of socialized medicine to wake a lot of people up because it affects every single person in America, either directly or indirectly. That's when you get people's attention - when it directly affects them."

Monica Crowley

"I think the Republican Party is supposed to be the party of less government intrusion."

Monica Crowley

"The tactics of Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama are geared toward wealth redistribution."

Monica Crowley

"One thing about liberals: It doesn't even occur to them that there is another side to an argument. They are so convinced of the righteousness of their own position that it doesn't dawn on them that a reasonable person might have a different viewpoint."

Monica Crowley

"The point of a presidential campaign is to put the candidate through the ringer: to force him to get banged up by his opponents and the press, and to have to answer the difficult and uncomfortable questions, be investigated, and learn the thrust and parry of political swordplay."

Monica Crowley

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